Regency Cleaning Solutions Ltd (the Company), will do its best to provide the cleaning service on the date (s) and terms referred to for the bookings, subject to the following conditions and understandings.

  1. That in the unlikely event of the Company subsequently being unable to provide the cleaning service on the day (s) you require then the limit of the Company’s obligations and liabilities under this Agreement will extend to offering you an alternative date (s).
  2. The Company does not operate on Bank Holidays, Clients whose regular day falls on such dates should contact the Company by telephone, and/or in writing at the earliest possible opportunity if they wish to request an alternative service date, although the Company is unable to guarantee that
    it will be able to make alternative service date in such circumstances.
  3. The Company is unable to guarantee that its cleaning operative will arrive at clients’ homes at a the exact time agreed, the time given is an estimated time of arrival dependant on circumstances due to driving conditions etc
  4. The Company may refuse to carry out any work if at its discretion it considers such work to be of a hazardous and/or excessively unpleasant nature, and/or beyond its technical ability, and/or if the
    Company, its client(s), or any third party, could suffer loss, damage, or injury, as a consequence of carrying out such work.
  5. No guarantees can be given as to how much work will be carried out in the time booked or as to the efficiency of a particular cleaning process, treatment, or task, in the absence of a prior on-site survey by the Company.
  6. The Company’s clients are responsible for providing water, electricity, and any preferred cleaning and/or polishing preparations not usually carried by the Company.
  7. To protect the goodwill of the Company all its employees and staff enter into an agreement with the Company on taking up their appointments restraining them from carrying out any unauthorised work for any of the Company’s clients either during their employment with the Company, or, in
    the event of them leaving Company’s employ for whatever reason, for a period of twelve months after their employment with the Company has ended.
  8. You agree not to employ any employee or former employee of the Company in any cleaning or domestic capacity whatsoever, either directly, or on behalf of any third party, and regardless of whether such employment is at address shown in this letter, or any other address within a 20-mile
    radius of the Company’s Leamington Spa office.
  9. In the event of you employing any employee or former employee of the Company in such capacity, other than officially through the Company’s Leamington Spa office, then you will be charged (and you hereby agree to pay a staff introduction fee) of £3,000.00, three thousand pounds plus VAT per employee.