Amelia Renfrew

Managing Director

Mobile: 07714 409500

Amelia has over 25 years of experience running her own businesses.

Amelia’s journey began in London in the 90’s when she set up a business designing and making hand painted silk cards.

In 2012, and upon returning to her hometown Leamington Spa, she decided it was time for a new challenge.

Having experienced other cleaning companies first hand, Amelia was shocked at the poor standards, lack of care, unreliability and general low staff morale. She was inspired to “create a company which is authentic, reliable and efficient. I wanted to apply a more holistic approach”

Amelia started the company working on her own and it quickly grew through recommendation. In 2014 she made the decision to expand the business and started to employ staff.

Driven by a passion to provide a five star bespoke service to her clients, and to engage a team who felt appreciated and valued in their work, Regency Cleaning Company was born, and the business has gone from strength to strength.

“When I started the company my motivation was to build a business which adds value, to both our clients through the service we provide, and to the people who work for us. Regency has grown into a company that I am really proud of.”

In her spare time, Amelia loves to garden, socialise, be creative and has a keen interest in complementary therapies.

To book a cleaning appointment call Amelia on 01926 312222 or 07714 409500 or send us an enquiry for a cleaning quotation request.


Helen Makepeace

Helen Makepeace

Helen joined us in 2015

Helen loves to be inspirational in her approach, her favourite tasks include making Children’s bedrooms welcoming, getting radical and moving things around, and she loves to make beds “straight, neat, tidy.. Pillows just so”

In her spare time Helen likes to spend time with her family, and socialise.

Stacey Hole

Stacey Hole

Stacey joined us in July 2017

Stacey loves everything about cleaning, especially that it makes our clients happy to have a pristine environment to relax in.

In her spare time she likes nothing more than hanging out with her Husband and three sons.

Lina Vasiliauskaite

Lina Vasiliauskaite

Lina joined the team in January 2018.

Lina has a very straightforward attitude, is extremely efficient and strives for perfection in her work.

In her spare time she loves to spend time with her children.

Allison Mason-Tocker

Allison Mason-Tocker

Team Supervisor

Allison Joined us in October 2018

Alli loves to get i there and roll her sleeves up. Her unflappable approach and cheery attitude ensures that the job gets done.

In her spare time she enjoys up-cycling furniture and loves to spend time with her daughters.